Life after Apple.

You know it makes sense!

So I ditched my iPhone 4 a few months ago for a Nokia Lumia 800. At the time I faced the same concerns that many others would have. How would I cope ditching the entire eco-system I’d spent the past two phone generations cultivating? What would I do for apps? How would I now go about buying music? What about games? Admittedly, I still own an iPad 2, which did provide somewhat of a security blanket in the event I desperately required an app not available on Windows Phone.

So how has the transition gone several months later?  I love the Lumia and Windows Phone. It is such a refreshing change from the now ubiquitous and uninspired iOS device. The handset itself is sleek and sexy, and distinctly un-Apple, and consequently, un-Samsung and un-LG, and un-every-other-smartphone. And you know what? I have not missed a single thing about the iPhone…

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