A Plea to Twitter: Let Us Hide Our Spoilers


A few nights ago as I was scanning through Twitter, my eyes picked up on a few keywords and settled, to my dismay, on a major spoiler for Breaking Bad.

The show had just aired in my time zone, but as a cord cutter, I’ve only seen the first four seasons on Netflix, and none of season five. Staying spoiler-free hadn’t even crossed my mind before–most people limit their Breaking Bad Twitter reactions to non-spoilery gasps and groans–but after this incident I started rethinking the way this stuff should be handled.

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I tend to have a journey-over-destination attitude about these things, but still, I was miffed. My first reaction was to gently admonish the offender, a fellow writer named Jeff Cormier. But he was unrepentant:

“There are no spoilers anymore,” he wrote, “only those who can’t effectively filter out unwanted information.”

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