Xing social network toys with news aggregation


Social networks need to evolve to keep up, and Xing is no exception. The German LinkedIn rival is investing heavily right now, and it seems to be paying off – a couple of weeks ago the firm reported the addition of 436,000 members in German-speaking countries during the first half of the year.

And now it appears Xing is trying a new angle on its game: according to Netzwertig, the social network is trying out an newsletter that aggregates industry news that’s relevant to the user. Think LinkedIn Today (s LNKD), only with a greater focus on the email aspect.

It’s interesting timing, given the legal brouhaha in Germany right now surrounding copyright and its applicability to headlines and brief news snippets. In Xing’s favour, the most recent draft of that new ‘ancillary copyright’ law only targets search engines. However, a third draft is imminent and that could…

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