Former AC Milan midfielder Zvonimir Boban believes the €63m release clause in Edinson Cavani’ s contract with Napoli is twice as high as the striker’s actual market value. The Uruguay star has netted 22 goals in 28 appearances in the Serie A so far this season and has been linked with a move to Real Madrid, but Boban feels the Partenopei’s asking price is unrealistic and should be half as high. “Cavani is a great player,” the 44-year-old told Radio Goal. “However, I do not believe that he is worth €63m on the transfer market. That’s just my opinion, an honest one. Perhaps he’s worth about half of that figure.” Meanwhile, Boban revealed he is hoping Juventus win their second-leg tie in the Champions League quarter-finals against Bayern, but believes chances for the Italians to proceed are slim after they suffered a 2-0 defeat in Bavaria last week. “I think Juventus have little chance against Bayern, although I hope that I am wrong. “Bayern proved that they are clearly better and that just can’t disappear. In order for Juventus to qualify then everything will have to go right.”

Boban: Cavani not worth €63 million


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