North and South Korea were separated at the end of World War II. They’ve walked quite different paths since then. Under successive pro-American governments, the South has become an economic powerhouse, one of the G-20 major economies. South Korean companies like Samsung, Hyundai , and LG are renowned around the world. The North, led by a family dynasty based on “Juche” philosophy of self-sufficiency, has turned into a bitterly poor and unpredictable nation. The Guardian’s Data Blog has published some figures that show just how divergent the two nations are, economically and socially. Here are some of the crazier ones: South Korea’s GDP (purchasing power parity) is $1,622 billion. North Korea’s is $40 billion. South Korea’s GDP (real growth rate) is 2.7% . In the North it is 0.8% . The GDP per capita is $32,400 in South Korea. In the North it is just $1,800 . South Korea exports total $552.6 billion, while the North’s are just $4.71 billion. For every 1,000 live births in South Korea, 4.08 of the infants die on average. In the North, 26.21 die. Life expectancy in the South is 79.3 years. In the North it is ten years less at 69.2 . 81.5% of South Korea has access to the Internet. Less than 0.1% of North Koreans do. The intentional homicide rate per 100,000 people is 2.6 in the South. In North Korea it is 15.2 . One well-known statistic not featured by the Guardian — the BBC reports that North Koreans tend to be 1.2 – 3.1 inches shorter than their South Korean counterparts. So, judging by this it looks a lot like the South trumps the North. Except in one key area: The South has 655,000 actively serving in the military service. The North has 1.19 million . Of course, data isn’t everything — one of the stranger factors in the North-South relationship is the surprising number of North Korean refugees who return to the North after living in the South for a while. However, the wildly divergent figures certainly show what 50 years of economic policy will do. It’s also likely to be a big factor if reunification ever becomes politically possible. When Germany was reunified, East Germany’s GDP per capita was 40% of that in the West . In North Korea, GDP per capita is barely 5% of that in the South.

A Crazy Comparison Of Life In North Korea And South Korea


Penis size is an important factor in male attractiveness, a new study suggests. It’s as important as height and more important than shoulder-to-hip ratios, the study says. Of course, this is a kind of weird study, because usually we meet mates while wearing clothing — and they shouldn’t be able to determine penis size. It would be relevant, though, before humans invented clothing. And it could have influenced how the penis evolved, because without clothes, humanity’s upright posture a man’s “protruding, non-retractable genitalia” would have been clearly visible to potential mates. Females may have preferred to mate with males with larger penises, hoping to pass on the attractive trait to their sons. This could be what led to the human penis being longer and thicker than it is in any other primate. Science Magazine suggests : Women may have selected for larger penises because they’re linked to higher rates of female orgasm and sexual satisfaction, which may explain why the human penis is proportionally larger than those of our evolutionary cousins. Luckily, this has diminishing returns as the penises get bigger and bigger. As Nature News puts it , “men with substantially larger-than average features were not found much more attractive than those with only slightly above-average features.” The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences . And yes, PNAS does sound a lot like penis. The researchers used 3D models of naked men with varying body shapes, height, and flaccid penis length — up to 5.1 inches. Here’s an example of the three extremes in the mock up, which they projected onto the wall life-size: Mautz, et. al, PNAS, 2013 They showed images like these to 105 Australian women, to see how they would judge each man for attractiveness. Discover Magazine’s D-brief blog explains : Female participants in the new study who viewed random subsets of the life-size figures were also quick to rate those they found unattractive, but spent significantly longer gazing at the computer models they found appealing, particularly those with longer penises. This pattern is consistent with a human tendency to view attractive things for a longer time than those perceived as unattractive. That being said, having a longer penis had a bigger effect on tall people. Short men were less attractive, even if they had a longer penis, the researchers write in the paper: “This result could be because perceived penis size was smaller when assessed relative to the height of a taller man; or because of general discrimination against short men irrespective of the value of other traits, so that even a larger penis did little to increase their net attractiveness.”

Sorry Guys, Penis Size Matters

“EVERYTHING IN LIFE HAS ITS OWN TIME!! •Your friend Graduated at 22, and at 24 you still hustling 2 get admission 4 1st Degree! Cool down! •Your guy got a good job immediately after NYSC, u are still hustling 2 get 1 even after MSc. Calm down! •Your friends are getting married, and all the guys/ girls coming your way seem 2 want just fling, Relax Dear. •When your friends are getting things u thinku deserve, do not despair, remain focus, ••CAUTION: Life isn’t a race with someone else, the 1st to DEPART is not always the 1st toARRIVE. Life is about your own SAFETY, SUCCESS and HAPPINESS. Be Patient,Smart, Focused and God fearing. God is Sovereign and his timing is always PERFECT and he makes it so good. Repeat this:”God you are the ONLY reason I’m still alive, Amen”


Former AC Milan midfielder Zvonimir Boban believes the €63m release clause in Edinson Cavani’ s contract with Napoli is twice as high as the striker’s actual market value. The Uruguay star has netted 22 goals in 28 appearances in the Serie A so far this season and has been linked with a move to Real Madrid, but Boban feels the Partenopei’s asking price is unrealistic and should be half as high. “Cavani is a great player,” the 44-year-old told Radio Goal. “However, I do not believe that he is worth €63m on the transfer market. That’s just my opinion, an honest one. Perhaps he’s worth about half of that figure.” Meanwhile, Boban revealed he is hoping Juventus win their second-leg tie in the Champions League quarter-finals against Bayern, but believes chances for the Italians to proceed are slim after they suffered a 2-0 defeat in Bavaria last week. “I think Juventus have little chance against Bayern, although I hope that I am wrong. “Bayern proved that they are clearly better and that just can’t disappear. In order for Juventus to qualify then everything will have to go right.”

Boban: Cavani not worth €63 million

The daughter of Argentina boss Alejandro Sabella has criticised Lionel Messi for a lack of effort while on international duty in contrast with his performances at club level. The 25-year-old has not replicated his record- breaking form for Barcelona when it comes to performing on the international stage. And it has prompted some to question his dedication to Argentina, while others have questioned his effectiveness without the presence of his Liga team-mates. Speaking to Radio Del Plata, Vanessa Sabella claimed Messi lacks “heart” and has urged the star to strike the balance required to scale the heights for country as he does for club. “I will not deny that he is a skilled player who has broken many records,” she said. “He is the best player in the world and never plays badly, but he still lacks some heart [for Argentina].”

Sabella’s daughter says Messi ‘lacks heart’ for country

Captain of the United Youth Cup Final sides in 1992 and 1993, Neville went on to play over 600 times for the club spanning 19 seasons. The Bury-born defender broke into the first team in 1994-1995 after an injury to Paul Parker and went on to form a formidable partnership with David Beckham down the right side. After Roy Keane’s departure in 2005, Neville became club captain for five seasons, but during this time he was plagued with injuries. A proud one-club man, Neville won eight league titles, three FA Cups, two League Cups, two Champions Leagues and the World Club Championship. He captained the side in the 2006 League Cup Final win against Wigan. His 85 caps remain a record for an England right- back and along with his brother Phil, he holds the record for the most caps by brothers, beating a mark set by Bobby and Jackie Charlton. After retiring in 2011, he became a Sky Sports pundit and commentator, and since May 2012 combines those duties with the role of England coach under Roy Hodgso
Arguably the most popular English footballer since Stanley Matthews, ‘Becks’ is the sport’s undisputed glamour boy. Despite being a Londoner, his United-supporting parents regularly travelled to Old Trafford for games. A young David then joined Bobby Charlton’s Soccer Academy in Manchester and was picked up by the club. Although he made his senior debut at 17 years old in September 1992 against Brighton in the League Cup, it took him longer than many of Fergie’s Fledglings to establish himself and even spent a loan spell at Preston in the Third Division in 1995. His wonder goal from the halfway line against Wimbledon at Selhurst Park opening day of the 1996-1997 season was a defining moment for Beckham who later revealed he had played with borrowed boots. Beckham was made a scapegoat for England’s 1998 World Cup exit after being sent-off against Argentina in the quarter-finals, but remained a favourite with United fans and he rewarded them the following season as the club won the Treble. His glamorous lifestyle put an increasing strain on his relationship with his boss and it was reported that his pop star wife Spice Girl Victoria encouraged him to leave his beloved United. He joined Real Madrid in 2003 for £25 million and won the La Liga title with them in his fourth and final season at the Bernabeu. Five seasons at MLS side LA Galaxy with loan spells at Milan followed before moving to French outfit Paris Saint-Germain in February, where he is the last Englishman still involved in this season’s Champions League. At 37, England’s most capped outfield player refuses to talk about retirement and still hopes to represent his country at the 2014 World Cup Finals in Brazil.
3. Ryan Giggs
The ‘Peter Pan’ of football continues to represent United 22 years after making his debut as a substitute against Everton in March 1991. Giggs had joined United from Manchester City in 1987 and was an England schoolboy using his father’s surname Wilson, before changing it to his mother’s maiden name and playing for Wales. The wiry and awkward teenager was blessed with pace and poise and soon caught the eye of United boss Alex Ferguson who would invite first-team regulars such as Bryan Robson, Steve Bruce and Gary Pallister to youth games to watch him. He was voted the PFA’s Young Player of the Year in 1992 and 1993, but amazingly didn’t win the PFA Player of the Year award until 2009, though he has made up for it with a phenomenal amount of team and individual honours. Giggs is the only player to play and score in every season of the Premier League, and has amassed an unrivalled 12 league titles, while breaking Sir Bobby Charlton’s club appearance record along the way. Recently he notched up his 1000th competitive match for club and country against Real Madrid in the Champions League, and signed a new one- year contract that will take him beyond his 40th birthday in November. Awarded an OBE for services to sport in 2007, Giggs was one of three over-aged players to represented Team GB at last summer’s Olympics. His current one-year deal will take him into his 40’s and there is every chance it will be renewed again.
4. Nicky Butt
Often overshadowed by Roy Keane and Paul Scholes at the heart of the United midfield, this local lad still managed to be a regular for over a decade. A key member of the 1992 FA Youth Cup winning side, it was only with the departure of Paul Ince to Inter Milan in 1995 that Butt began to establish himself in the first team. His greatest moment came in the 1999 Champions League final where the suspension of Roy Keane meant Butt played a pivotal role in the 2-1 success against Bayern Munich. As Paul Scholes became more of a central midfielder, Butt once again found himself on the fringes and handed in a transfer request in 2004. He joined Sir Bobby Robson’s Newcastle where he made over 150 appearances in five seasons and spent time on loan at Birmingham, before a brief spell in China signalled an end to his career. Now the 38-year-old has returned to his first love where he has been United’s reserve team coach since October last year.
to be continued

What happened to Fergie’s fledglings?

Roberto Mancini has claimed that opposition teams “play with fear” against Manchester United but give Manchester City a tougher test. The reigning Premier League champions head into Monday’s derby trailing the top-of-the-table Red Devils by 15 points having won just 18 of their 30 top-flight games this term. In contrast, United are unbeaten since November and have won 25 of their 30 Premier League games and Mancini suggested that teams are intimidated by Sir Alex Ferguson’s charges. “No-one plays well against United because they only play with fear,” Mancini is quoted as saying by The Daily Mirror. “United are strong now because of this importance as a team, as a club.”Every team that plays against United plays very soft because they think this game is difficult, that they can’t beat them. It’s not true. If you play strong against United, you can beat them, like they can beat us. “This is normal, this is football, this is because United is a strong team for a long time. For the other teams they play against, it is difficult. We are young as a team. We don’t have the same importance like United in this moment. Maybe in 10 years it will be the same. The history is very important.” A win for United on Monday will open up an 18- point gap with just seven games of the season left to play, and Mancini has rued failures in the transfer market to a slip in standards from last term. The Italian believes his team would have fared much between domestically and in Europe if he had had more success with recruiting his desired new personnel. “Probably we would be on top, could win the second title and probably we would be in the Champions League quarter- final,” Mancini said. “We had a chance to get three or four players who could improve our team but we didn’t in the end. Now it’s finished. “Last year we played really well because we scored a lot of goals. But this year the only difference is the goals we didn’t score. If we’d scored maybe 15 goals more, probably we would be on the top. “We’ve been missing important goals in games we deserved to win easy. We lost a lot of points because we didn’t score enough goals. This is the difference. We also had a lot of injuries.

Mancini: Manchester United get easy ride against scared opposing teams